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Our Staff

영국 워릭대학교 (University of Warwick) 박사

PhD, Drama and Theatre Education, Center for Education Studies

미국 뉴욕대학교 (New York University) 교육 연극학과 석사

MA, Educational Theatre


  • 뉴욕 시 사립 유치원 Head Teacher, 초등학교 After School 교사

  • 뉴욕 시 East River Theatre Company 소속, 배우. 스토리텔러

  • TTI (국제 교사 교육원, 국제 영어 대학원 대학교) 교사 교육 전문가

  • Sky Life 어린이 영어 프로그램 개발 (Kids Talk Talk)

  • 숭실대학교 교육 대학원 조기영어학과 겸임교수

  • 고려사이버 대학교 아동영어학과 외래교수

  • (현) 국제 영어 대학원 대학교, 영어교육 융합학과 겸임교수

  • [저서] <우리집은 영어 창의력 놀이터> 이지스퍼블리싱, 2013

이수정 프로필 2017_edited.jpg

Dr.Sujeong Lee, Founder and Director 

Zare van Zaarsveld, Education Team Manager

North West University, South Africa.

Bachelor in Communication


TEFL certified, i-to-I, South Africa

Teacher, Nam Dongtan ECC, Dongtan, South Korea (2021-2022)

Taught kindergarten and elementary students a variety of subjects including TEFL and writing.


Home-school teacher, Leaping Minds, Westville, South Africa (2020-2020)

Facilitated home-schooling and aided in completing assignments and exam prep.


Teacher’s Assistant, Success College, Edenvale, South Africa (2020-2020)

Worked in a foundation phase classroom (1-3rd grade) and acted as substitute teacher for other subjects as needed.

English Teacher, The Training Academy, Edenvale, South Africa (2019-2019)

Temporary English teacher responsible for exam prep, setting and grading assignments and test.

Kylie Kholikova,  Software Developer/ General Manager

Dankook University, South Korea

B.S in Software Engineering 

IELTS certified, 2016

TOPIK certified, 2023

Software Developer, Dankook University Lab, (2021. Aug ~ 2022 Feb)

Developed multiple applications and software platforms using Android Studio and Flutter based on Medicine-related project at Medithings Lab, Dankook University Cheonan Campus


English teacher, Fast Education Academy, Uzbekistan (2016-2018)

Worked as a speaking and writing teacher focusing on grammar and coherence. Assisted high school students to prepare and pass IELTS exams.


Januarie Geffrard, Multimedia Specialist

University of Central Florida, USA

B.A. in Digital Media

TEFL Certified


Teacher, Ellen Langer, Suwon, South Korea (2022-2023):

Taught elementary, middle and high school students (ages 6-16~) a variety of subjects including reading, phonics, debate, writing, speaking, creative PPT project making, grammar and TED.


Teacher, HABA Playschool, Anyang, South Korea (2021-2022):

Taught kindergarten and elementary students (ages 3-12) many subjects as a homeroom teacher including reading, phonics, Theme, singing, crafts and stage acting.


Camp Tutor, English Factory, Orlando, Florida, USA (2016-2018):

Tutored elementary and middle school students in English at an English Camp as they experienced study abroad in the United States.


Norwich University of the Arts, United Kingdom

Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art

TEFL certified, i-to-i, United Kingdom

Teacher, EOS Wingsly, Suwon, South Korea (2022-2023)

Teaching kindergarten and elementary students of varying levels in a variety of subjects. Experience in making schedules, homework and completing projects.

Michelle Brown,Coordinator


Kate Kim, Administration ManagerA

Dongguk University, South Korea

BA in Advertizing and Marketing  


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